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Custom Data Entry Forms
Unlike other software packages, matterBase allows custom form building using drag and drop technology, right in your browser. The expanded toolbar of form controls and elements allow practically anyone to edit a form and expand on the existing workflow.
Report Wizard
Using our report wizard, a user can choose which data they want to see in the report, add multiple dynamic filters, export the results to many file formats such as excel, word, and PDF and also save reports for later use. Reports can also be accessed by our web service and be presented within SharePoint or any other application.
Saved Personal Reports
Create an unlimited amount of custom reports using your desired data and filters, then name and save them for later dynamic real-time use.
Data Approval Process
Each form can optionally be set to have an approval process. This allows a user to act as an administrator on data being submitted into each form.
Import Data from Other Sources
Using a variety of features offered by the software, you can import data from practically any source and use it to populate existing forms or data lists. Once import has been established, we also provide scheduling tools to update the data as often as needed automatically.
Multiple Levels of Security
Each feature in the software can be assigned rights per user. We integrated our software with Windows Authentication so no additional passwords are needed and access is seamless within your company's network.
Web-Based Technology
Many software packages that come close to our functionality are client/server based, which means installation is required on every computer you use. matterBase is fully web-based so as long as you can log into your network, you can access this application.
Document & Records Management
Attach multiple documents to any record and link records to one another when a relationship exists. Users can also browse through records and customize the way each summary grid is laid out.
Fully customizable
We are constantly improving our software based on our users' suggestions and have packed it with lots of features. As an add-on service, we can customize it to suit your firm's exact needs.
And much more...
We have lots more features in matterBase, too many to describe here. Please complete our inquiry form to schedule a demo and start improving the workflow and data gathering/reporting of your firm.